Minister Motshekga tables 2017/2018 Basic Education Budget Vote in the National Council of Provinces

Basic Education Minister and Deputy Minister, Mrs Angie Motshekga and Mr Enver Surty, tabled the 2017/2018 Basic Education Budget Vote in the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) in Parliament, Cape Town on 07 June 2017.

During this sitting, the Minister and Deputy Minister also made use of the opportunity to update the NCOP about the Department of Basic Education’s (DBEs) strategies and plans that have been put in place to deliver quality basic education to all South Africans during the 2017/2018 financial year. The NCOP sitting also presented an opportunity for the DBE and Provincial Education Departments (PEDs) to highlight the progress made in the implementation of various programmes that were initiated to improve learning and teaching in schools during previous financial years.

The NCOP, which consists of nine provincial delegations, ensures that provinces are given a voice in the national legislative process. Each delegation, in turn, consists of six permanent delegates and four special delegates. The Premier of each province is the head of that respective province’s delegation, but he or she may also select any other member to lead the delegation in his or her absence.  The permanent delegates are Members of Parliament, while the special delegates are selected by each province from members of the provincial legislature. The NCOP came into existence with the adoption of the Constitution in 1996. The NCOP provides provinces with a forum in which to engage with national government on matters concerning areas of shared national and provincial legislative powers, and oversees the programmes and activities of national government relating to provincial and local government matters.

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