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Mangala Senior Secondary state-of-the-art school is handed over to Eastern Cape community

The DBE’s Accelerated Schools Infrastructure Delivery Initiative (ASIDI) has been continuing its delivery of state-of-the-art school infrastructure to communities across the country during 2019.

Mangala Senior Secondary School, nestled amid the rolling hills of Mthatha in the Eastern Cape Province, is a R35 Million investment in infrastructure that is set to yield priceless academic returns.

ASIDI has continued to bring meaningful change to the lives of millions of learners across the country. Through its mandate to eradicate schools built from inappropriate material, ASIDI has to date, contributed 215 schools to communities across the country, in so doing, touching not only the lives of the school and its learners, but also those of the community.

Through its community empowerment programme, local contractors, females and youth are empowered to work during the construction phase. ASIDI projects have ensured that a meaningful impact is felt in local economies, SMME’s and the youth in previously marginalised communities.

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