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Supplementary Examinations

How do I register for supplementary examinations? 

  • Candidates who qualify for a supplementary examination can register at the centres where they sat for the examination immediately after receiving their results.
  • The closing date for application for the supplementary examination is Friday, 24 January 2014.

Who may apply to register for supplementary examinations?

  • Candidates that have not met the minimum promotion and certification requirements, but who require a maximum of two subjects to obtain the NSC;
  • Candidates who could not sit or finish the examination due to medical reasons, a death in the immediate family or some other special reason, provided documentary evidence is submitted; and
  • Candidates, who are one requirement short in satisfying the minimum higher education or higher education faculty requirements or short of one requirement for a specific occupation that they wish to follow. Documentary evidence must be submitted.

Where can I access the NSC supplementary timetable?


If candidates meet the requirements, they should download the supplementary examination timetable by clicking here and begin their preparations immediately.


The Department has also made available the NSC past examination papers and study guides, and Provincial Education Departments will be offering support programmes, where feasible.

What can I do if I do not qualify to write the supplementary examination?

  • Those who have not succeeded in their examinations and who do not qualify for the supplementary examination must re-enrol at a school without delay, as long as they meet the age requirement (which is under 21years of age);
  • This will give them a second chance at writing their Grade 12 NSC. With additional effort, they will succeed;
  • Grade 12 learners, who failed and who are over 21, should register as part-time candidates or enrol at Adult Education Centres. Participation in programmes at these centres is free and is available for young people and adults who have not completed their formal schooling
  • In addition, they could explore other vocational options. There are 50 public Further Education and Training Colleges spread across all provinces of South Africa comprising of over 300 campuses or teaching sites. Public Further Education and Training (FET) colleges offer vocational training courses and qualifications at various levels of study for learners who have a Grade 9 pass/certificate, an NQF level 1 qualification or a Grade 12 certificate; and
  • FET Colleges also offer courses (the NATED or ‘N’ Courses) which when, combined with practical work, lead to a qualification as an artisan in a wide variety of fields.

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