The following topics make up each of the TWO exam papers that you write at the end of the year:

Paper 1: Patterns and sequences; Finance, growth and decay; Functions and graphs; Algebra, equations and inequalities; Differential Calculus; and Probability

Paper 2: Euclidean Geometry; Analytical Geometry; Statistics and regression; and Trigonometry

On this page, the selected parts of each topic are presented in the following way:

  • An explanation of terms and concepts;
  • Worked examples to explain and demonstrate;
  • Activities with questions for you to answer; and
  • Answers for you to use to check your own work


Video Tutorials

 TitleModified DateSize 
Analytical Geometry Part 15/18/2018170.12 MBDownload
Analytical Geometry Part 25/18/2018184.49 MBDownload
Calculus5/18/2018284.57 MBDownload
Calculus graph5/29/2019214.43 MBDownload
Euclidean Geometry Part 15/18/201855.89 MBDownload
Euclidean Geometry Part 25/18/2018140.83 MBDownload
Euclidean Geometry Part 35/18/2018183.56 MBDownload
Euclidean Geometry Part 45/18/2018160.10 MBDownload
Euclidean Geometry Part 55/18/2018180.41 MBDownload
Geometry5/18/2018770.46 MBDownload
Financial Mathematics5/18/2018322.40 MBDownload
Functions5/18/2018184.38 MBDownload
Inverse Functions5/18/2018242.46 MBDownload
Number Patterns Part 15/18/2018223.16 MBDownload
Number Patterns Part 25/18/2018156.27 MBDownload
Number Patterns Part 35/18/201845.98 MBDownload
Sequence & Series Part 15/18/2018164.24 MBDownload
Sequence & Series Part 25/18/2018198.74 MBDownload
Sequence & Series Part 35/18/2018183.45 MBDownload
Solving Inequalities5/18/201820.96 MBDownload
Equations: Quadradic Equations5/18/201851.82 MBDownload
Equations: Getting Equation in standard form5/18/201814.55 MBDownload
Equations: Simultaneous equations5/29/201963.63 MBDownload
Equations: Solving Simultanious Equations5/18/201812.34 MBDownload
Equations: Solving quadratic equations using the formula5/18/201816.70 MBDownload
Statistics5/18/2018200.02 MBDownload
Statistics Regression5/18/2018314.46 MBDownload
Statistic regression line5/18/201858.13 MBDownload
Substitution5/29/201910.88 MBDownload
Substitution in quadratic formula5/18/20188.76 MBDownload
Trigonometry5/29/201948.80 MBDownload
Trigonometry: 3D Problems5/18/2018243.02 MBDownload
Trigonometry: Equations5/18/2018313.80 MBDownload
Trigonometry: Functions5/18/201862.13 MBDownload
Trigonometry: Graphs & Equations5/18/2018234.89 MBDownload
Trigonometry: Special angles & identities5/18/201852.91 MBDownload
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