Life Sciences

The following topics make up each of the TWO Life Sciences exam papers that you will write during the examinations:

Paper 1: Meiosis, Reproduction in Vertebrates, Human Reproduction, Responding to the Environment (Humans), Human Endocrine System, Homeostasis in Humans, Responding to the Environment (Plants), Human Impact on Environment

Paper 2: DNA: Code of Life, Meiosis, Genetics and Inheritance, Evolution


Video Tutorials

 TitleModified DateSize 
Plant Hormones5/25/2018203.97 MBDownload
Meiosis5/25/2018158.83 MBDownload
Pedigree diagrams5/25/2018257.27 MBDownload
Graphs5/25/2018106.56 MBDownload
Doppler Effect5/25/201856.33 MBDownload
Electrodynamics5/25/201850.85 MBDownload
Physical properties of organic compounds5/25/201863.40 MBDownload
Photo Electric Effect5/25/201861.59 MBDownload
Organic reactions5/25/201864.66 MBDownload
Review on Human Impact5/25/2018257.45 MBDownload
Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation5/25/201864.30 MBDownload
DNA, finger printing & genetic engineering5/23/2018153.50 MBDownload
Endocrine System5/23/2018174.93 MBDownload
Nervous System5/23/2018216.61 MBDownload
Human Reproduction5/23/2018206.13 MBDownload
Menstrual Cycle5/23/2018146.19 MBDownload
Paternity testing & blood groups5/23/2018127.21 MBDownload
The Ear5/23/2018158.63 MBDownload
The Eye5/23/2018146.32 MBDownload
Theory of evolution & Speciation5/23/2018190.53 MBDownload
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