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The aim of the Second Chance Matric Support Programme is to provide support to learners who have not been able to meet the requirements of the National Senior Certificate (NSC) or the Senior Certificate (amended). To this end, we have collated multimedia material to help you to prepare for the National Senior Certificate/Senior Certificate(amended) examinations. This material - made up of videos, study guides and audio - does not cover the entire curriculum, but it does focus on core content of each knowledge area and points out where you can earn easy marks.

You must work your way through this material to improve your understanding, identify your areas of weaknesses and correct your own mistakes.

We are confident that this material can help you to prepare well so that you pass the exams. To ensure a high quality pass, you should also cover the remaining aspects of the curriculum using other textbooks.


Other Support Packages

Face to face classes

These classes are offered at 50 venues, mainly in rural and semi-rural areas, nationally by Grade 12 teachers with an excellent track record. For 2018, the classes will take place as follows:
  • Progressed Learners: Face to Face Classes will take place in April/June for a period of 30 hours.
  • Senior Certificate (amended) Examination Candidates: Face to Face Classes will take place in April/June for a period of 30 hours. 
  • NSC Examinations Part-time candidates: Face to Face Classes will take place in August/September for a period of 30 hours.

Multimedia Broadcasting Solutions

  • HD Open View Television Broadcasts - Channel 201 at 36 venues, nationally or privately (420 000 households connected)
  • Dstv Channel 319 , Mindset Television Broadcasts (4.5 Million households connected)
  • SABC Education Geleza Nathi broadcasts weekdays on SABC 1 from 5am to 6am with repeats at 11pm
  • SABC Education Geleza Nathi YouTube videos

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