Mathematical Literacy

The following topics make up each of the TWO Mathematical Literacy exam papers that you will write during the examinations:

Basic skills topics:

  • Interpreting and communicating answers and calculations
  • Numbers and calculations with numbers
  • Patterns, relationships and representations

Application topics:

  • Finance
  • Measurement
  • Maps, plans and other representations of the physical world
  • Data handling
  • Likelihood


Video Tutorials

 TitleModified DateSize 
Overview & Basic Skills5/23/2018108.88 MBDownload
Bodmas5/23/201810.70 MBDownload
Area5/23/20187.28 MBDownload
Calculating Area5/23/201824.79 MBDownload
Area & Volume5/23/2018108.76 MBDownload
Calculating the Median5/23/201819.88 MBDownload
Basic conversion5/23/201844.52 MBDownload
Conversions Imperial System5/23/201823.16 MBDownload
Celcius & Fahrenheit conversions5/23/201820.16 MBDownload
Data handling5/23/201887.38 MBDownload
Direct Proportion5/23/201817.85 MBDownload
Indirect Proportion5/23/201810.72 MBDownload
Box-and-Whisker Diagram5/23/201830.57 MBDownload
Scatter plot Diagram5/23/201816.57 MBDownload
Maps & Scales5/23/2018151.93 MBDownload
Mean or average5/23/201814.93 MBDownload
Mode & Range5/23/201810.29 MBDownload
Perimeter5/23/201833.99 MBDownload
Perimeter & Volume5/23/201836.52 MBDownload
Percentage Inclusive & Exclusive5/23/201820.55 MBDownload
Percentage & Ratio5/23/2018170.49 MBDownload
Inflation5/29/2019283.47 MBDownload
Rate5/23/201814.05 MBDownload
Loans5/23/201814.69 MBDownload
Interest5/23/201831.95 MBDownload
Taxation5/23/201840.00 MBDownload
Time Formats5/23/201811.88 MBDownload
Elapsed Time5/23/201819.93 MBDownload
Tariff Systems5/23/201829.98 MBDownload
Tariffs and Elapsed Time5/23/2018180.17 MBDownload
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