In order for you to be successful in the Accounting exam you must:

  • Ensure that you know the formats or layouts of the:
    • Income Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • Cash Flow Statement
    • Production Cost Statement
    • General Ledger accounts
  • Understand the concepts explained in the multimedia provided and know how to do calculations.
  • Work through as many past examination papers as you can (use the explanations and steps in the material to assist you).

Be careful when working through questions relating to Companies of past papers as there are some aspects that are treated differently under CAPS.

Remember, your success in the final exam will depend on how much extra time you put into preparing.


 TitleModified DateSize 
Income Statement Part 15/23/2018263.98 MBDownload
Income Statement Part 25/23/2018321.57 MBDownload
Income Statement & Fixed Assets5/23/2018307.69 MBDownload
Analysis & Interpretation of bank Reconciliation5/23/2018276.35 MBDownload
Balance Sheet5/23/2018192.82 MBDownload
Fixed Assets5/23/2018240.35 MBDownload
Final Accounts5/23/2018297.59 MBDownload
Company Ledger Accounts5/23/2018330.96 MBDownload
Company ledger, OSC & retained income5/23/2018164.08 MBDownload
Creditors Reconciliation & VAT5/23/2018246.29 MBDownload
Manufacturing5/23/2018274.89 MBDownload
Ratio Analysis5/23/2018308.47 MBDownload
Reconciliations5/23/2018179.51 MBDownload
Stock Valuation5/23/2018329.78 MBDownload
Stock Valuation Methods5/23/2018216.15 MBDownload
Year-end Adjustments5/23/2018300.98 MBDownload
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