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Department of Basic Education to Release Mid-Year Examination results, 01 August 2019

The 2019 June Examination is the first Grade 12 reconfigured examination written by both National Senior Certificate (NSC) and Senior Certificate (SC) candidates. The reconfiguration of the June examination system saw the supplementary examination, which used to be written in February/March each year by NSC candidates, merged with the June Senior Certificate examination which caters for adult candidates who want to have a second chance at obtaining a matric certificate. The 2019 June examination was the first in its current format and therefore it cannot be compared with any of the previous examination sittings.

The reconfigured examination system allowed for both the National Senior Certificate (NSC) and Senior Certificates (SC) candidates to write the same examination but they were resulted separately, in accordance with the rules of the specific qualification they were registered.

This examination was written by a diverse cohort of candidates, an indication of the intention to include as many of the adult candidates that needed a second chance at obtaining the matric. These included:

  • Adult learners with incomplete Senior Certificate requirements, as well as those adult learners with no previous Senior Credits, provided they have completed Grade 9, standard seven or ABET Level 4.
  • Repeating and part-time candidates enrolled for the 2018 NSC examination, who either failed the examination or passed but wanted to improve their results
  • Progressed learners who opted for the multiple examinations opportunity (MEO) option and therefore needed to complete the outstanding subjects.
  • Candidates who were absent from the November 2018 examination, with a valid reason

The 2019 June examination was written at 6 598 centres countrywide which included schools and designated centres. Designated centres, are centres managed and supervised by the district officials, and they in the main accommodated adult candidates whilst the schools were used by NSC candidates who wrote the examination in 2018. Trained private invigilators were used at designated centres and also at schools, where additional invigilators were required. The examination was monitored by provincial officials and nationally appointed monitors and the Department is proud to announce that there were no serious irregularities that could have compromised the examination as a whole.

In order to ensure that marking is conducted in accordance with the prescribed marking guidelines, a total of 119 Marking Standardisation Meetings (MSMs) were convened to ensure a uniform understanding and application of the marking guideline. The marking commenced on 18 June and terminated on 7 July 2019 at 35 centres nationally. A total of 9 723 qualified educators who met the requirement as stipulated in the PAM document were appointed to mark the examination in the various subjects. The marking was also monitored and moderated by the DBE and Umalusi.

Umalusi as the Quality Assurance Council, conducted the external moderation on all the question papers, monitored the writing and the marking of the examinations and standardised the results before they were officially approved the results.

The key learner achievements emanating from the writing of the 2019 June examination are presented separately for SC and NSC candidates:

SC Candidates

A total of 100 825 SC candidates wrote this examination in either in one, two or more subjects.

6 952 candidates wrote the full complement of subjects to enable them to achieve the qualification and 700 of them attained the NSC, 186 achieved admission to bachelor studies, and 318 achieved admission to Diploma studies.

The performance of the SC candidates in key subjects is as follows:

2 037 candidates passed Mathematics,

2061 candidates passed Physical Sciences,

10 171 candidates passed Mathematical Literacy,

5 173 candidates passed History,

3 711 candidates passed Geography

2 605 passed Business Studies, and

1 318 passed Agricultural Sciences.

NSC Candidates

A total of 117 533 NSC candidates wrote this examination

31 859 candidates improved their results, when compared to the November 2018 examination.

13 747 candidates now attained the National Senior Certificate.

2 065 candidates attained admission to Bachelor Studies

5 679 candidates passed Mathematics

7 205 candidates passed Mathematical Literacy

5 254 candidates passed Physical Science

6 931 candidates passed Life Sciences

10 456 candidates passed Geography.

5 331 candidates passed Business Studies

The results of the candidates will be available at the 6 598 centres where the candidates wrote the examination and the results will be available from 2 August 2019. Candidates that wrote this examination and are desirous of improving their results may register for the November 2019 examination. The closing date for registration for these candidates will be 16 August 2019. Candidates may also apply for a recheck or a remark of their subject results and the closing date for the recheck/remark is 16 August 2019.

The 2019 June examination is the first examination in this format and therefore serves as the baseline for future comparisons and the Department is encouraged by the large number of adult learner and repeating Grade 12 candidates that are taking advantage of this opportunity. The Department will step up its support through the Second Chance Programme, to learners registering for this examination so as to ensure that more learners are successful in this examination.

Elijah Mhlanga: 083 580 8275 (Department Spokesperson)

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Written By: Administrator Account
Date Posted: 8/2/2019
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