The South African National Curriculum Framework from Birth to Four (NCF).

National Development Plan: Vision for 2030 (2011) Research shows that the first 1000 days (pre-birth, early and late infancy) of life are highly sensitive to environmental effects.

The National Curriculum Framework for children birth to four years (NCF) is a response to challenges that the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector is facing. The first step towards the development of the NCF was the development of the National Early Learning Standards (NELDS) in 2009. The finalisation of the NCF was informed by consultative processes which included comments from the public. These processes were used to shape and finalise the NCF.

The NCF is one of the activities aimed at improving the quality of basic education by laying a solid foundation in the early years. The development of the NCF is a great achievement for our country as it is the first document of its kind. This will ensure that children from different backgrounds in different settings have access to quality ECD services. The NCF will be used in a variety of settings and purposes to improve children’s learning experiences. It will also be used by training organisations, universities, practitioners, parents and other care-givers to enhance children’s learning and development.

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