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Policies - School Management

Constitution of the Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC) Resolution No.3 of 1999 14 October 1999Download
Policy on the Organisation, Roles and Responsibilities of Education Districts03 April 2013Download
Policy on HIV, STIs and TB for Learners, Educators, School Support Staff and Officials in all Primary and Secondary Schools in Basic Education SectorAugust 2017Download
National Policy on Whole School Evaluation 01 July 2002Download
National Policy Framework for Teacher Education and Development in South Africa 26 April 2007Download
National policy for determining school calendars for public schools in South AfricaJanuary 2015Download
National Education Information Policy 07 September 2003Download
National Curriculum Statement 31 May 2002Download
Language in Education Policy14 July 1997Download
Interim Policy for Early Childhood Development 01 July 1997Download
Integrated School Health Policy2012Download
Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC) - policy handbook for educators 02 August 2004Download
Draft Policy: The incremental introduction of African languages in South African schools2013Download
Draft Policy: National policy for the provision and management of Learning and Teaching Support MaterialSeptember 2014Download
Draft Policy on Draft Regulations to Minimum Uniform Norms and Standards for PTDIS and DTDCS Download
Constitution of the Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC) Resolution No.6 of 200005 June 2000Download
Protocol for the management and reporting of Sexual Abuse and Harassment in Schools Download
Protocol to Deal with Incidences of Corporal Punishments in Schools Download
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