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18 Oct 2006South African Schools Act: Exemption of parents from payment of school fees in public schools (Gazette 29311, Regulation Gazette 8566)Download
20 Aug 2004SA School Act: Regulations relating to Safety Measures at Independent Schools (Gazette 26663, Notice 975) Download
14 Oct 2003Higher Education Act: Policy and procedures for measurement of research output of Public Higher Education Institutions (GG25583, Notice R1467)Download
4 Apr 2003Higher Education Act: Regulations for the Registration of Private Higher Education Institutions, 2002 Download
13 Dec 2002SA School Act: Regulations to prohibit Initiation practices in schools (Gazette 24165, Notice 1589) Download
12 Oct 2001SA School Act: Regulations for safety measures at Public Schools (Gazette 22754, Notice 1040) Download
2 Oct 1998Employment of Educators Act: Creation of educator posts in Provincial Dept of Education and distribution of such posts to educational institutions (NoDownload
30 Apr 1999National Education Policy Act: Establishment of National Aducation and Training Council (Gazette 20044, Notice R587) 1999Download
14 Aug 1998National Education Policy Act: Regulations to provide fo establishment, composition and functioning of National Board for FET (GG19157/1, Notice 1043)Download
19 Dec 1997SA School Act: Public School on private property - minimum requirements of agreement between member of executive council and owner of private propertyDownload
 Post Distribution Model for the allocation of Educator Posts to Schools (Regulation 1451 of 2002) Download

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