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Please note that some candidates' subject results might not be available on the website due to technical issues. Candidates are advised to contact the centres where they wrote for a copy of their results.

  1. A Senior Certificate will be issued to an adult candidate who satisfies the following requirements in this examination:

    1. Passed three subjects at 40%, one of which one must be an official language on Home Language level.

    2. Passed two subject at 30%, one of which must be an official language on First Additional or Home Language level.

    3. Obtain a subminimum of 20% in the sixth subject.

  2. The results reflected on this website are the results of the individual subjects written in the 2015 Senior Certificate examination. The statement of results will be available at the centres from 26 August 2015.

  3. Candidates who wrote six or more subjects will receive a second Statement of results on 18 September 2015, which will reflect whether they qualify for the full Senior Certificate or will receive a subject certificate, issued by Umalusi. 


2015 Amended Senior Certificate Subject Results
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