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2010 Parliamentary questions
WQ 1952 NA Career counselling programmes in schools26 Sep
WQ 2740 NA Vouchers in schools23 Sep
WQ 2738 NA Directors at DBE23 Sep
WQ 2739 NA Monitoring of training at teacher institutions23 Sep
WQ 2694 NA Use of consultants17 Sep
WQ 2611 NA Reaching the Millenium Development Goals17 Sep
WQ 2602 NA Status of mother tongue education13 Sep
OQ 204 NA FET colleges attract more students09 Sep
OQ 205 NA Increase certification/accreditation of skilled persons through the Skills Assessment Centres01 Sep
OQ 209 NA Separate and under-development on the skills base09 Sep
OQ 210 NA Reference to the Government’s strategic focus on rural development09 Sep
OQ 203 NA The value of a matric certificate and a Further Education and Training (FET) certification for admission to universities08 Sep
OQ 195 NA UCT for inclusion in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings Top 200 universities08 Sep 2010
WQ 2311 NA Phasing out of OBE07 Sep 2010
WQ 2393 NA Contractual agreements with a certain company07 Sep 2010
OQ 186 NA Educators' strike action07 Sep 2010
OQ 206 NA Reform Schools07 Sep 2010
OQ 211 NA Water and sanitation backlog in schools07 Sep 2010
OQ 212 NA Failure rate in mathematics and science07 Sep 2010
OQ 215 NA Quality of education in public schools07 Sep 2010
OQ 216 NA Failure rate in matric supplementary exams07 Sep 2010
OQ 218 NA Educational support material relating to climate change07 Sep 2010
OQ 222 NA Literacy levels and school libraries07 Sep 2010
OQ 219 NA School monitoring during educators' strike action07 Sep 2010
WQ 2499 Measures to lessen effect of educators' strike action on learners03 Sep 2010
WQ 2518 NA Mother tongue education03 Sep 2010
WQ 2500 NA School libraries03 Sep 2010
WQ 2324 NA CTAs for Grade 927 Aug 2010
WQ 2328 NA Newspaper advertisement27 Aug 2010

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