Grade R: Book 3

Grade R: Book 4

Grade 1: Literacy

Grade 1: Life Skills

Grade 1: Numeracy

Grade 2: Literacy

Grade 2: Life Skills

Grade 2: Numeracy

Grade 3: Literacy

Grade 3: Life Skills

Grade 3: Numeracy

Grade 4: Literacy

Grade 4: Numeracy

Afrikaans17.85 MBDownload
English16.63 MBDownload

Grade 5: Literacy

Grade 5: Numeracy

Afrikaans24.99 MBDownload
English19.43 MBDownload

Grade 6: Literacy

Grade 6: Numeracy

Afrikaans34.48 MBDownload
English33.77 MBDownload

Grade 7: Numeracy

Afrikaans19.62 MBDownload
English19.64 MBDownload

Grade 8: Numeracy

Afrikaans14.50 MBDownload
English15.21 MBDownload

Grade 9: Numeracy

Afrikaans14.35 MBDownload
English13.45 MBDownload
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