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Six Limpopo schools receive Amalunchbox Kitchens in support of the National School Nutrition Programme

Minister Angie Motshekga officially handed over Amalunchbox Kitchens to six schools in Limpopo on 30 May 2016. The Game Store’s Amalunchbox Programme, which is being implemented through a partnership between the DBE and Massmart/Walmart Holdings Limited, is aimed at strengthening and enhancing the standards of hygiene and food safety in schools. The Programme strives to promote and support food safety and kitchen facility standards in line with the general hygiene requirements promulgated by the Department of Health.

More than 211 schools have already benefited from the project since its inception in 2009. Each kitchen is fitted with either a two or three plate gas burner, a double bowl industrial sink with an under-counter cupboard, stainless steel counters, shelving, a serving hatch, two big cooking pots, ladles and tumblers, spoons and bowls.

Speaking at the hand-over ceremony, Minister Motshekga recognised the contribution made by the private sector: “I wish to acknowledge the immense contribution by Massdiscounters/Game for their assistance in the publication, printing and delivery of the first National School Nutrition Programme (NSNP) recipe book, Mnandi 4 Sure, that was delivered to all Quintile 1 to 3 primary schools and Quintile 1 to 2 secondary schools. With the merger of Massmart/Walmart Holdings in 2012, they pledged and subsequently delivered a donation of 100 mobile kitchens across provinces over and above the Game Amalunchbox Kitchens as part of the 94+ Mandela Project,” said Minister Motshekga.

The Minister also pointed out that the protection of children remains one of the DBE’s most important undertakings, “Hence we want to avoid, at all cost, any risk associated with food poisoning and contamination throughout the entire food value chain,” Minister Motshekga stated. “Massdiscounters has now donated a total of 273 kitchens.  This is a confirmation of the successes of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in addressing challenges in the education sector. Government alone is not in a position to meet all the infrastructure backlogs and needs in schools. Due to a large number of NSNP schools in the public education system, support from the private sector is therefore needed to improve cooking and preparation facilities. The new kitchens will assist the volunteer food handlers to prepare the meals and work under pleasant, safe and hygienic conditions.”

“We truly appreciate the successes of this PPP and wish to thank Massdiscounters in supporting the improvement of facilities for the NSNP. The strength of this Programme depends on our co-operation and collaboration towards quality education for all. Massdiscounters has played an incredible role in making this partnership work,” concluded Minister Motshekga.

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