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Class of 2018 writes examination papers on gateway subjects


This week, the National Senior Certificate (NSC) Examinations saw the Class of 2018 writing examination papers on gateway subjects such as Technical Mathematics, Mathematics and Accounting.

Technical Mathematics is only offered to learners taking technical subjects such as Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Engineering in Grades 10 to 12. The curriculum for Technical Mathematics was incrementally implemented in Grade 10 during 2016, Grade 11 during 2017 and Grade 12 during 2018. More than 319,418 candidates wrote Mathematics whilst 12,595 candidates wrote Technical Maths during 2018.

Chief Education Specialist for Mathematics, Mr Leonard Gumani Mudau, said that the rationale for rolling out Technical Mathematics in schools was to strengthen the teaching of technical subjects – focusing more on application than abstract ideas. “This approach would help the DBE to equip learners with significant mental processes aimed at instilling logical and critical thinking, and accuracy and problem solving skills which would also increase entrepreneurship opportunities in the country,” added Mr Mudau.


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