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Count down to DBE National Spelling Bee Championships

The National Spelling Bee Championship Provincial Rounds are currently underway in all nine provinces, targeting learners in the Intermediate Phase (Grades 4 to 6). This will be followed by the National Final Championship Rounds on 01 October 2016 at the ZK Matthews Hall at the University of South Africa (UNISA) in Pretoria. The Spelling Bee was initiated in 2014 to assist intermediate phase learners to improve their English literacy levels. Since its inception, the championship has seen thousands of learners participating, however, only the top three spellers from each province qualify to take part in the National Final Championship Rounds.

The initiative also plays a pivotal role in promoting a passion for reading amongst South African learners in the Foundation and Intermediate Phases. This popular concept has spread from its early roots in the United States of America, 90 years ago, to hundreds of countries across the world and has become a great approach to combining edutainment with the aim of achieving real targets set out to improve the unsatisfactory literacy levels amongst our youth.

Schools that emerged as the 2015 National Champions during the final rounds of the National Spelling Bee Championship were Greenfield Primary School from the Western Cape Province; Pioneer Primary School from the Gauteng Province; and Dikolobe Primary School from the Limpopo Province. The true strength of the National Spelling Bee Championship lies in every learner being given a chance to participate from classroom level up to the highest level possible in the competition, according to his or her capability. The 2016 National Spelling Bee Championship has been made possible through the DBE’s partnerships with UNISA, SABC Education, the AVBOB Foundation and Monash University. For the highlights of the 2015 Championships, click on the below link:  

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