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DBE divides Business Studies and Accounting into two examination papers to ease the workload for learners

A decision to divide Business Studies and Accounting into two examination papers will assist the sector in channelling a high volume of learners into the commercial stream.

As reported in the NSC Examination results, learners who took Business Studies and Accounting during 2019, registered a significant improvement. However, the overall pass rate of the two subjects, this year, needs to be raised to a target of 85% and above. According to the 2019 NSC Examinations, Business Studies recorded an improvement of 71.0% from 64.9% achieved in 2018, followed by Accounting with an overall pass rate of 78.4% from 72.5% in 2018. Still, the decline in the participation rate in the two subjects across all nine provinces continues to raise concern. 

Chief Education Specialist for Accounting and Business Studies, Mr Mzikaise Masango, said that commercial subjects are critical components in promoting entrepreneurship amongst the youth. “I commend the DBE for having reached a resolution to effect changes in the two subjects. The two papers were introduced to Grade 10 in 2018 and to Grade 11 in 2019, and will be implemented in Grade 12 this year. The most common challenges around these subjects were issues related to workload and limited time allocated for the examination period. The inability to complete the paper within the prescribed time had a negative impact on the overall pass rates and the quality of results. Business Studies, for example, required learners to study all four main topics, which consist of 15 topics for one examination paper. I am now glad that the subject will have two topics for each examination paper rather than exposing learners to all four topics at once, which will make it easier for them to study,” said Mr Masango. 

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