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DBE honours its commitment to the NDP and to Service Delivery Month

September is National Development Plan 2030 (NDP) Month. During 2012, Cabinet adopted the NDP which is a long term vision and plan for the country. The NDP serves as a blueprint for the work that needs to be done to achieve a prosperous society for all. The core priorities of the NDP are to reduce poverty, unemployment and inequality. The NDP’s vision is that by 2030, South Africans will have universal early childhood education, high-quality schooling and further education and training.

The NDP includes all key policy instruments developed in the previous terms of Government to drive its policy agenda. These include the New Growth Path, which sets the trajectory of economic development; the National Infrastructure Plan, which guides the roll-out of infrastructure to improve people’s lives and enable economic growth; and the Industrial Policy Action Plan, which focuses on promoting investment and competitiveness in leading sectors and industries.

In support of education remaining a societal issue, the NDP called for a multi-stakeholder partnership to address education challenges. This call for collaboration is being realised through the establishment of the Education Collaboration Framework (ECF) which provides a platform for greater collaboration in the sector, increased dialogue, a consolidation of financial and intellectual resources and a co-ordinated roll out of solutions.

The 2017 national Public Service Month (PSM) will also be taking take place across the country from 01 to 30 September 2017 under the theme: “Together Moving, the Public Service Forward: We Belong, We Care, We Serve”. The Month is generally used to celebrate and recognise officials who follow the “Batho Pele” principles which require them to be polite, open and transparent, and to deliver good service to the public.

The DBE remains committed to the NDP goals through the DBE’s Action Plan 2019: Towards the Realisation of Schooling 2030 to ensure adherence to the Batho Pele principles of service excellence to provide quality education to all.


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