Stay safe when it’s hot!

Why is very hot weather dangerous?

Your body has its own way of stopping it from overheating. For example, in hot weather, you sweat. This cools your body. But when it is very hot, your body struggles to stay at the normal body temperature. If you don’t drink lots of water and don’t stay in the shade when it’s hot, your body becomes dehydrated (dry). When your body is dehydrated, it can’t work properly.


What are heat illnesses?

Heat rashes




Heat cramps


Heat exhaustion


Heat stroke


Very hot weather can give you a heat rash.


You are not putting enough water back into your body.


You get heat cramps when it is hot and you do energetic exercise.


You get heat exhaustion when your body hasn’t been able to control its temperature, or get enough fluids that help you rehydrate.

Your body is shutting down. This is very serious. You can die.


Prevent heat illnesses

Keep a careful watch when it is very hot. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to have a drink.

Make sure you:

  • drink water regularly during the day
  • avoid drinks and food that dehydrate
  • stay in the coolest places and always in the shade
  • wear loose, lightweight, light coloured clothes
  • rest.

Encourage everyone to listen to weather warnings for high temperatures and heat waves. Let’s support each other to prevent heat illnesses.

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