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NSNP continues to provide schools with healthy daily meals

With most learners back at school and the National School Nutrition Programme (NSNP) in full swing, schools are reminded to ensure that Volunteer Food Handlers adhere to safety protocols at all times. Despite the Covid-19 conditions, special arrangements have been made with districts and schools to ensure that learners continue to receive meals under stringent protocols, whilst adhering to requirements such as social distancing and wearing masks for their health and safety. Healthy school meals improve the health and wellbeing of learners as most come from food insecure households. 

  • Wear clean NSNP full protective clothing during food preparation, including aprons, head gear that cover all hair, cloth face masks and boots;

  • Maintain social and physical distancing in the kitchen;

  • Adhere to social distancing when serving meals to learners. Learners must also adhere to social distancing when receiving meals;

  • Clean your kitchen thoroughly in the morning and in the afternoon;

  • Disinfect/wipe work surfaces with a dishcloth dipped in hot, soapy water with Jik or Domestos;

  • It is important to clean cooking and eating utensils such as cutting boards and work surfaces with warm soapy water;

  • Equipment and utensils should also be washed with warm, soapy water and Jik after use;

  • Separate raw from cooked food using separate cutting boards for vegetables and meat and always use clean and safe water when washing vegetables and fruits;

  • All waste must be collected regularly;

  • Keep waste in covered containers and clean waste bins daily with hot soapy water;

  • Waste disposal areas must be separate from the food preparation area to avoid contamination; and

  • If using a pit for waste disposal, cover the pit with soil daily.

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