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DBE urges parents to co-operate with schools to speed up learner admissions

The DBE is currently completing all learner admission processes for the 2019 academic year to ensure that schools are prepared for the commencement of quality learning and teaching on the first day of schooling.

Mr James Ndlebe, Director for Education Management and Governance Development said that, “The majority of learners have already been placed and Provincial Education Departments (PEDs) are currently verifying data to ensure that there are no duplications during the admission process. The lists for final placement are expected to be finalised by the end of November 2018.

Mr Ndlebe called upon parents to co-operate with schools in responding timeously when requested to accept notifications for the placement of their children. “Another aspect that affects learner admissions is that parents are refusing to accept placements at alternative schools, when their preferred schools have reached their full capacity levels,” added Mr Ndlebe.


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