Circular S4 of 2016: Implementation of Grade 12 literature in 2017 as planned

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) developed and subsequently released the Grade 10-12 Literature National catalogue. The released catalogue only provided for languages, language levels and genres in which materials were approved. Stakeholders are hereby requested to note that there are genres in certain languages and language levels for which new materials have not been approved. A summary of the new and existing materials per genre and language level can be found on the links on the left.

You are hereby informed that the implementation of the new Grade 12 Literature materials on the National Catalogue will go ahead as planned in 2017 despite there being no materials in specific language levels and languages.You are therefore urged to ensure that Grade 12 Literature materials available on the National Catalogue are provided to schools and learners before the start of the 2017 school calendar year.

Where there are new books available, the 2017 NSC paper will contain questions for the new books only. Where no new books are available, the 2017 NSC paper will contain questions for the existing books.

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