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An update on the printing and delivery of workbooks

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) is currently busy with the preparations for the delivery of workbooks to public schools for the 2018 school calendar year. By the end of September, the DBE will have printed a total number of 59 019 360 Volumes 1 and 2 workbooks.  The workbooks will be delivered to a total of 23 462 public schools. The distribution of Grades R to 9 volume 1 workbooks commenced on 24 July 2017. As at 11 September 2017 a total number of 18 498 (80.87%) of schools have received their 2018 workbook consignment. The total number of Volume 1 workbooks distributed thus far is 22 511 760(78.84%).

As per plan, the delivery of Volume 1 workbooks will be completed by the end of September 2017 whereas the delivery of Volume 2 will commence on 9 October 2017 until 06 December 2017.

Volume 1 workbooks are for use by learners as from January until June while Volume 2 workbooks are for use by learners as from August until December of each year.  As per plan all public schools will have received their workbooks consignment at the start of 2018 academic year.

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