First-time Appointments

What should you do when you are appointed at a public education institution as an educator or public service official for the first time? Click here to find out!

Home Loans

Do you need a State Guarantee for a Home Loan? Click here for answers to some of the questions you might have!

Housing Allowance

A Housing Allowance is a sum of money that the Department of Basic Education pays you every month, in addition to your salary, in order to assist you in paying for the rent or installment on your home. Click here for more information.


Integrated Quality Management System consists of three programmes: Developmental Appraisal, Performance Measurement, and Whole School Evaluation. To find out about the purpose of IQMS click here.


Click here for questions and answers on leave for institution-based educators and school-based public service officials.


The Performance Management Development System is a system to manage and develop the performance of public service employees with the view to achieving both individual and institutional excellence. For more information on this system click here.


Click here for answers to questions you might have on retirement.

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