The role of Provincial Teacher Development Institutes (PTDIs) and District Teacher Development Centres (DTDCs)

According to the Integrated Strategic Framework for Teacher Education and Development in South Africa, 2011 – 2025; Provincial Education Departments (PEDs) are considered to be the lead agencies responsible for the establishment and development of Provincial Teacher Development Institutes (PTDIs), District Teacher Development Centres (DTDCs) and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).

District Teacher Development Centres:

These are physical sites located in districts and which are easily accessible to teachers from schools in the district around the DTDC: sites from which curriculum support staff can operate; where teachers can access resources; where CPTD courses are delivered; and where teacher professional learning communities can meet.

Provincial Teacher Development Institutes:

These are physical sites established at provincial level from which provinces will coordinate and deliver all national and provincial continuing professional development programmes for teachers.

PTDIs in conjunction with DTDCs will manage the delivery of teacher development programmes at the local level.

A total number of 147 teacher centres are spread across all provinces.

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