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DBE introduces Lesson Study Programme to improve learning and teaching in the GET band

Teachers responsible for Natural Sciences and Technology for learners in Grades 4 to 6 and Natural Sciences for learners in Grades 7 to 9, require a new approach to improve quality learning and teaching in public schools. The DBE has rolled out the Lesson Study Programme for Provincial Education Departments (PEDs) to guide teachers in the application of various classroom teaching techniques. The Programme commenced in the Greater Taung Municipality, in the North West Province from 04 to 08 March 2019, and will be expanded to other provinces during the next few weeks.

Chief Education Specialist for Mathematics Science and Technology, Mr Siyalo Qanya, said that the Programme should be regarded as a teacher development approach, which would create a platform of best practice sharing amongst teachers and subject advisors. “Currently the Programme has been implemented at provincial, district and cluster level. A cluster in this case refers to a group of schools that have established Professional Learning Communities”.

 Mr Qanya added: “The Lesson Study Programme is aimed at strengthening curriculum delivery in the General Education and Training (GET) band. As part of the Programme, the DBE has organised a crew of videographers to capture lessons rendered by experienced subject advisors. The scripted lessons will serve as training material for teachers to enrich their content knowledge and teaching competences in these subjects, and play a crucial role in the development of digital content for learners to acquire in-depth applied knowledge”.

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