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DBE Vacancies

The Department of Basic Education is committed to providing equal opportunities and practising affirmative action employment. It is our intention to promote representivity (race, gender, disability) in the Department through the filling of this post and a candidate whose  transfer/promotion/appointment will promote representivity will receive preference. Preference will firstly be given to excess employees and secondly to current Public Service employees. An indication in this regard will facilitate the processing of applications.

Applications must be submitted on form Z83 obtainable from any Public Service Department and must be accompanied by a comprehensive CV and certified copies of qualifications. NB as of 1st July 2006, all new appointments in the public service have to be part of the Government Employee Medical Scheme (GEMS) in order to qualify for a Government Medical Subsidy. Correspondence Will Only Be Entered Into With Short-Listed Applicants.

Vacant Posts: 2016-2019

Internship and Learnership Programme closing 28 February 2020Download
Various Posts Closing 22 December 2019Download
Various Posts Closing 6 December 2019Download
Various Posts Closing 22 November 2019Download
Various posts Closing 25 October 2019Download
Assistant Director: Demand Management and SCM Performance, closing 11 October 2019Download
Director: Education Labour Relations, closing 18 October 2019Download
Various posts Closing 04 October 2019Download
Various Vacancies Closing 20 September 2019Download
Various posts closing 09 September 2019Download
Director: Business and Parliamentary Processes, closing 02 August 2019Download
Chief Educational Specialist, closing 15 July 2019Download
Project Manager post closing 05 July 2019Download
Various vacancies Closing 28 June 2019Download
Chief Director Post: Media Liaison and National and Provincial Communication Closing 12 July 2019Download
Various posts Closing 23 June 2019Download
Assistant Director vacant post closing 21 June 2019Download
Chief Education Specialist vacant post closing 7 June 2019Download
Various vacancies Closing 31 May 2019Download
Various vacancies Closing 12 April 2019 Download
Advert - DDG-Infrastructure Closing 05 April 2019Download
ASIDI posts closing 22 March 2019Download
Various Vacancies Closing 22 March 2019Download
CES post - African Languages Closing 11 March 2019Download
Chief Information Officer vacant post closing 22 February 2019Download
Deputy Director post closing 1 February 2019Download
CES post - Curriculum Policy Research and Development Closing 21 December 2018Download
Various vacancies, closing 14 December 2018Download
Erratum: Post Deputy Director (Branch Co-Ordinator) Ref DBE/42/2018Download
Various posts closing 30 November 2018Download
Advert - Branch C Co-Ordinator closing 30 November 2018 Download
Various posts closing 9 November 2018Download
Various posts closing 2 November 2018Download
Various posts closing 27 August 2018Download
Deputy Director: Risk ManagementDownload
Erratum to Post with Ref No. 141370Download
Various posts closing 16 July 2018Download
Various posts closing 22 June 2018Download
Various posts closing 29 June 2018Download
Branch Care and Support Services Director post - Closing date extended to 03 August 2018Download
Senior Legal Administrative Officer, closing 15 June 2018Download
Administrative Officer: Care and Support Services Branch Closing 20 May 2018Download
Senior Administrative Officer: Care and Support Services Branch Closing 20 May 2018Download
Various posts closing 11 May 2018Download
Director: Government Information Technology Officer, closing 23 March 2018Download
Various vacant Infrustructure posts, closing 16 February 2018Download
Various vacant part-time posts, closing 09 February 2018Download
Senior Legal Administration Officer post, Closing 08 December 2017Download
Various posts closing 01 December 2017Download
Deputy Director (Branch Coordinator): Curriculum Policy, Support and Monitoring Closing 28 August 2017Download
Various vacant posts, closing 14 August 2017Download
Various vacant posts, closing 31 July 2017Download
Inclusive Education vacant posts, Closing 02 June 2017Download
Planning Delivery Oversight Unit vacancies, Closing 26 May 2017Download
Part-time vacancies: examiners, moderatots, monitors and editors, closing 02 June 2017Download
NSNP vacant posts, closing 31 March 2017Download
Assistant Director: International Relations, Closing date 17 March 2017Download
Various vacant posts, closing 10 March 2017Download
Examinations vacant posts, closing 10 March 2017Download
Various posts closing 17 February 2017Download
Director: Curriculum Implementation and Quality Improvement, Closing 27 January 2017Download
Various posts advertised on 14 December 2016Download
Deputy Chief Education Specialist, Closing 09 December 2016Download
Director: Staffing Services and HR Support to Provinces, Closing 02 December 2016Download
Chief Education Specialist Position: Foundation Phase (Closing 31 October 2016)Download
Deputy Director: Partnerships in Education, closing 24 October 2016Download
Invitation to nominate person(s) to serve on the Umalusi CouncilDownload
Various posts advertised on 26 September 2016Download
Various posts advertised on 26 September 2016, Closing 17 October 2016Download
Various posts advertised on 04 September 2016Download
Various posts advertised on 24 July 2016, ClosedDownload
Various posts advertised on 17 July 2016, ClosedDownload
Various posts advertised on 29 May 2016, ClosedDownload
Various posts advertised on 15 May 2016, ClosedDownload
Planning and reporting positions, ClosedDownload
Posts Coordination and Secretarial Support: ClosedDownload
Database for retired District DirectorsDownload
Various vacancies closing 04 March 2016: ClosedDownload


Please take note of the following changes to the post advertised in the Department of Basic Education Website on Monday 04 September 2016:

Senior Secretary: Department of Basic Education (Ref DBE/15/2016)

Please note that the salary of the post was reflected incorrectly and the correct salary is as follows: SALARY: R171 069 per annum


We apologise for any inconvenienced caused.

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