Teachers, HR & Institutional Development


The purpose of this branch is to promote quality teaching and institutional performance through effective supply, development and utilisation of human resources in collaboration with the ETDP SETA, ELRC and SACE.


Acting Deputy Director-General: Mr Salie Faker



Branch Coordinator:
Ms Karina De Bruin, 012 357 4309,


Chief Directorate: Education Human Resources Management

Directorate: Education Labour Relations and Conditions of Service

Directorate: Education Human Resource Planning, Provisioning and Monitoring

Directorate: Educator Performance Management and Development and Whole School Evaluation


Chief Directorate:Education Human Resources Development

Directorate: Continuing Professional Teacher Development        

Directorate: Initial Teacher Education

Directorate: Education Management and Governance Development


Chief Directorate: Curriculum and Professional Development Institute

Directorate: LTSM Policy Development and Innovation  

Directorate: Teacher Development Research

Directorate: Teacher Development Implementation

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