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Office of the Director-General


The branch's purpose is to support co-ordination and implementation of departmental, sector-wide and cluster programmes of action.

DDG: Vacant

Ms Sally Ramogale, 012357 3997,

Branch Co-ordinator 

Ms Zinhle Zungu, 012 357 4147,

Chief Directorate: Media Liaison and National and Provincial Communication

Directorate: Communication and Research

Directorate: Communication, Media Liaison and Intergovernmental Relations


Chief Directorate: Strategic Planning, Research and Co-ordination

Directorate: Strategic Planning and Reporting

Directorate: Research Co-ordination, Monitoring and Evaluation

Directorate: Co-ordination and Secretarial Support


Chief Directorate: International Relations and Grant Implementation, Monintoring and Reporting

Directorate: International Relations and Multilateral Affairs

Directorate: UNESCO

Directorate: Project Management

Directorate: Donor Grant Management, Dinaled/ Technical Secondary Schools


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